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Some Things | Vol. 29: Not As It Seems

“Why things are not always what they seem; first appearance deceives many, the intelligence of a few perceive what has been carefully hidden
Phaedrus, c. 444–393 BC
Everyone has a unique window into the world, no matter a person’s race, gender, status, or health. Our perception of reality is in a constant state of change & can be altered by something as substantial as how we are raised or our lifestyle, to something as trivial as how we are feeling on a particular day.
Perception creates our experience of the world but every person perceives the world & approaches challenges differently. 
The mind is strange in the way that it picks & chooses what it wants to see in the world. Here are some things to inspire you this week:

  1. Catfishing could become a thing of the past, as Tinder introduces global voluntary ID verification via Tech Crunch
  2. Balls. Big balls. Small balls & everything in-between via OOF Gallery
  3. Discover Tanzania’s new high-speed dance music - Singeli, with a new mini-documentary via NTS
  4. Nestflix is like Netflix, but for your favorite fake movies and shows within movies and shows via Nestflix
  5. The most exclusive credit card in the world has been redesigned by artist Kehinde Wiley & architect Rem Koolhass via Instagram
  6. Tomohiro Okazaki shows us that there is so much more to matchsticks than you thought in a creative series of stop motion animations via Laughing Squid
  7. The Diary of A CEO - Join Steven Bartlett as he discusses the intense world of business with some of the world’s most accomplished Entrepreneurs via Apple Podcast
The First Ball by Kieran Leach
The First Ball by Kieran Leach
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