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Some Things | Vol. 43: Going where you haven't before



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Some Things | Vol. 43: Go where you haven’t before
We often explore places we’ve never been before in the pursuit of discovering what our future looks like. As NASA’s Curiosity Rover searches for the possibility of microbes on Mars, it’s an opportunity for us to reflect on what we can do now to inspire a better future.
We believe a better future is here & it goes beyond just environmental sustainability transformation. We need to focus on creating a society where the planet, people and economies can all thrive, not just survive.
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Here are Some Things:

  1. Being fashionably late is acceptable as long as you arrive on this… via Flaunt
  2. Feeling Lucky? - Asda’s hosting a nationwide vintage Gucci treasure hunt via I-D
  3. 90’s cultural classic The Fresh Prince joins us in the present-day, watch the preview via Youtube
  4. Hypebeasts with a sweet tooth can now taste the rainbow with this Supreme & Skittles collaboration via Input Mag
  5. This former special effects expert is using his skills to create Black prosthetics for Nigerian natives via Yahoo Finance
  6. Sometimes I ask myself “What if?” via Red Bull
  7. Scientist Lera Boroditsky tells us why humans have created 7000 cognitive universes via Ted
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Mars via Instagram @NASA / NASA/JPL-Caltech
Mars via Instagram @NASA / NASA/JPL-Caltech
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