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Some Things | Vol. 46: Let the Games Begin

Some Things | Vol. 46: Let the Games Begin
“It doesn’t matter who we are. What matters is our plan…”
I guess Bane was right in that sense. Although our plan doesn’t quite end with world domination. Instead, we’re here to find ways to help make a better future possible. To help people, business and the planet thrive, not just survive.
And we’re determined to have fun while we’re at it. Today is National Games Day and we’ve found Some Things to help you celebrate in the run up to Christmas:

  1. What’s the festive season without a classic board-game? Before you get stuck into Risk take a look at 2021’s best games via Dicebreaker
  2. Alice in Borderland Season 2 finally has a release date via NME
  3. Stuck on which game to choose? Challenge Player 1’s got you via Spotify
  4. How much do you know about the new League of Legends show Arcane? Get the full low-down here via Looper
  5. Enter the Metaverse this Christmas with this years best video games via The New Yorker
  6. Dying to know the secret to becoming an Olympic Champion? Here’s how via IGN
  7. Need a break from the Christmas playlists? We’ve got you covered. GTA Radio has launched a new station 🚗 via NME
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Illustration by Jack Sachs via Instagram
Illustration by Jack Sachs via Instagram
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